DecaPod S1E10: Crab Meeting #4

This week we discuss our plan of having three pools sequenced and next steps going forward. Three pools for the current three libraries are as follows:

  1. uninfected from Day 9 (before temperature treatment began)
  2. infected from Day 9 (before temperature treatment began)
  3. “MasterPool” : 10 samples. One sample per each of the following treatments:
    • uninfected, day 12, cold
    • infected, day 12, cold
    • uninfected, day 12, ambient
    • infected, day 12, ambient
    • uninfected, day 12, warm
    • infected, day 12, warm
    • uninfected, day 26, cold
    • infected, day 26, cold
    • uninfected, day 26, ambient
    • infected, day 26, ambient


DecaPod S1E9: Interview with Genevieve Johnson

This week I speak with Genevieve Johnson, a MS student at University of Alaska, Fairbanks. We talk about her thesis work on population genetics of Alaskan Tanner Crabs, her experience taking crab samples on a vessel, and her thoughts on her future.